Tunes To Sell High End Cars

I have a friend who sells high end, pre-owned luxury cars.  Since such a vehicle is not a true “necessity”, the sales process is quite different than selling commodity products or other day-to-day essentials.  So many factors come into play besides price, availability, color or more.   One thing that takes place, such as when dealing with a prospective buyer, is to get them into a buying mood even if they have had a bad day elsewhere.

For example, he gave me an example when he was trying to sell one of cars that hadn’t sold to the previous prospect due to his bad day at the office.  No matter what my friend did to make that possible buyer comfortable, he just could not sell him one of his Dallas pre-owned Infinity luxury automobiles.  When the next qualified prospective buyer came to the showroom, my friend decided to cue up some choices of music ahead of time by doing research on him.  Between Facebook, Twitter, and other online means he was able to narrow down two or three genres of music.

Taking this extra step helped keep the prospective buyer in a good mood and he even appreciated the fact that the dealer went out of his way to do some basic research.  This is a possible concern, but in most cases at least caring about the prospective customer shows that my friend is willing to invest time to make the prospective buyer as happy and welcomed as possible.

Music While At The Chiropractor’s Office

One of the funniest conversations I had recently took place when I was laying face down on a therapy table at my chiropractor’s office.  I was receiving the electric muscle stimulation treatment, right before getting cold laser therapy, and my face was down on a table very much like a massage table. All of a sudden, some dance songs from the 80′s came on the radio!

Even though it was on low volume, in a darkened room where everyone tends to be quiet the music does stand out.  The funny thing is that even though mid-1980′s dance tunes came on the radio everyone in the room was laughing about favorite songs from the 80′s!  Even though the person on the next table was there because the doctor is a chiropractor in North Dallas who treats neck pain, the laughter (combined with the other treatments there like spinal decompression) helped him feel better with his neck.

Gotta love the 80′s music and how the “cheesier” the music, if catchy, can actually make people feel better…even if by accident!

Locker Room Music

One funny dynamic people don’t know much about is music played in pro sports, especially at the lower levels of a sport like baseball.  Not only do players listen to music while working out, some players also play music while training at the stadium before practice.  Many minor league baseball stadiums also play music on the loudspeakers during batting practice as well.

Some teams also play music out loud on the team bus or vans (sometimes used for shorter trips).  They also have a weird habit of music in the locker room.  Such is the story of for a current travel team called the Brownsville Charros.  The other day they played music in the locker room to get pumped up for a game, but it was done for a different reason.

Some leagues have an odd number of teams owned by the respective parties, so during those seasons some leagues add a “travel team” — a team with no home stadium.  The majority, if not all, of the season is spent on the road.  As you can imagine, that would become grueling pretty quickly.  In order to overcome the fatigue and never-ending travel, sleeping in a different low-dollar hotel room each night, the guys have to bond together.  One way they do that is to blast music in the locker room before a big game.

If you ever run into pro athlete in such a situation then talk with him/her to get a better understanding of what is needed to blast through plateaus in order to bring out their best abilities before hitting the field or court.

Music For High End Professionals

In previous posts you may have seen a trend toward music being used in the skilled trade and house/domestic services.  What you may not realize is that music gets played for the higher end professionals as well!

This may surprise people, but it’s true.  Sometimes the music is played before meeting with clients and sometimes it is played during times when the professional is dealing with the actual client.

For example, a friend is a real estate agent.  He helps sell used and new homes for sale in Sanford NC as well as the surrounding towns.  He often listens to music right before dealing with a prospective property buyer, but he will alter the music to get ready for prospects with specific types of personality.  Sometimes he needs soft music especially if he is going to be meeting with families that are bringing kids.  Other times he needs more powerful music.  It really depends on the situation…. although at the end of a long day I am sure that he may play his personal favorite types of music when everyone else is gone!

Another is a financial service professional who helps clients but also helps other financial service professionals when they are looking to go out on their own.  The music he plays when needed often differs than when he may help out with his family’s North Dallas swimming pool remodeling business.  When dealing with other financial service professionals, surprisingly he can offer a more relaxed environment because there doesn’t have to be a certain “air” or “mystique” to the industry.  He can be more relaxed if his client – in that realm – is open to having music being played softly in the background.

Yet another friend is a lawyer who helps with elder law and many other topics.  When I go to visit him sometimes he has some music playing in his office if he is working on basic tasks.  Obviously, he doesn’t play music with clients when he meets with them personally to discuss their respective situations.  This is especially true when he meets with clients who are business owners or executives and discussing topics where significant sums of money are at risk.

One friend has an interesting position in that he helps commercial developers who need financing and funding for SNTL and Triple Net properties.  When he goes on site with the development side of the business, he notices that music is played in different manners.  Sometimes the main guy on site has music going in his truck.  When workers go on break, they sometimes play music and laugh.  This usually throws off some of the people who come to the site who spend most of their time at the office. I find it to be funny that they can’t understand that music can be a part of the job.

One last one which is interesting is a friend who plays music at home before talking with clients.  He offers help for people who want to learn how to use their retirement plans to buy a business.  When he knows that there is an important call in a few minutes, he plays some soothing music to get ready for the call.  This helps him stay calm, focused and benefit-driven to help the end client better understand a rather confusing topic at first – due to several “pieces” of the equation required.

Again it is interesting to discover people’s varied music tastes, especially in the higher end professions.  Music is played there, and the types of music vary more than most people would realize!

Music While Learning Boxing Or MMA

With the recent popularity rise of UFC there is a rise in those wanting to learn the sports of MMA (mixed martial arts) and boxing and similar combat style sports.  The marketing of these sports finally took hold and the athletes are gaining name recognition in certain circles.  One of the traits that they took from the art of professional wrestling is using music for their ring entrances along with some theatrics to get the crowd involved.

Training to music is a difficult task for MMA and boxing trainers around the country.  According to an owner of one of the boxing gyms in Dallas, it is difficult to introduce music without risking people leaving and going elsewhere.  Since so many people now listen to music while weight training, doing yoga classes, jogging and other forms of individual exercise they automatically believe that they should be able to listen to music whenever they are exercising…. especially if they are paying good money for the training.

The problem is that being able to listen to instruction is vital when it comes to MMA, boxing, jiu-jitsu and other combat arts.  Not having clarity in terms of hearing is a huge risk due to the high odds of injury or disability arising from improper technique.  Many old-time martial arts trainers don’t want music playing due to their belief that it hinders the “mind-body connection” so often cited in martial arts disciplines.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this subject if you wish.

Differences In Listening To Music On The Job

One of the problems of listening to music on the job is dealing with safety and professionalism factors.  Many individual tradesmen can perform their jobs while listening to music such as painters, some landscapers and others where there are minimal safety hazards nor issues dealing with professional appearance nor concerns with neighbors.  For example, a guy working on someone’s roof typically can’t listen to music because:

  • neighbors may complain to local authorities and/or a homeowner’s association if the music is considered to be “inappropriate” or “distracting”
  • if working as a team, roofers need to be able to communicate and – therefore – need to be able to hear directions from their colleagues

What about an office environment?

Even if you were to work in an office setting, if you have customers or clients visiting you (or your colleagues) then it still may not be okay to listen to music during the day.  For example, if you work in an auto dealership offering car loans to those with poor credit, then you may be on the phone all day dealing with current clients, prospects, your colleagues, and on the phone with financing companies.  Having music playing, even if considered “business friendly” music, may be tough to do as it could be annoying to at least of the mentioned parties.

One of the unique ways when music playing for prospects and clients is considered to be okay is something to set the tone.  For example, if you work in the real estate industry where you sell ranches and acreage then you may have music playing where you choose country music.  This is not always appropriate, but it could be something to help “pre-frame” the client to get into a mood to take action today.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about when music is appropriate to play, especially in non-traditional settings.  We all recognize that music is played at retail stores, restaurants and coffee shops, and at sports arenas.

Plumber Tunes

I was talking with my friend Jimmy the other day about his music choices for work.  Since he is a plumber and installs and repairs water heaters he gets late night calls after sleeping for only a few minutes.  I asked him what he listens to in the car as well as during any late-night plumbing jobs he handles.

We talked about music choices ranging from country, heavy metal, classic rock and even funny “guy songs” to keep him energized and in good spirits during these late night jobs.  Unlike other on-site trades where music can be played to get in the “artistic” mood – like restoring furniture or decorative painting – he has to be able to listen to the way water is flowing in order to make adjustments or find other problems.  Some of the other problems for which he needs to be alert are:

Feel free to leave your thoughts on ideas for music to play to help you become alert after only being asleep for a little while.  Much appreciated!

Listening To Music When Repairing Furniture

I was talking with my friend Blue who runs an antique restoration service.  While his primary business is to offer furniture repair in Terrell Texas, he gets to travel to many homes around the Dallas Fort Worth and East Texas markets.  For the higher end pieces which would cost to repair almost as move to secure, pack and ship the items to his shop he simply goes on-site to fix the furniture.

We were talking about how he adjusts from home to home, since each person’s home has a unique atmosphere and energy.  When he goes on-site he often listens to music to get in the right frame of mind to do his work.  If the homeowner is at home while he is working he asks permission, of course, and then chooses more instrumental or classical music.  We talked about why and he said that it provides for a balance between good energy for him, keeping his mind in the artistic mode, and music which is palatable for most homes. This is imperative for on-site repair for specialty, one-of-a-kind jobs like when he does antique restoration.

He gave me some thoughts on music for my own business, so thanks to Blue!  Here is one of his videos:

Classical Music Discussion

I talked a while back with Fred about what is deemed to be “classical” music from his travels around the world.  We both agree that “classical” is, by definition, relegated to a specific period of music; but the common usage in the United States refers to all music of similar genres.  In other areas of the world, however, the classical music takes on different meanings.  For example, in European cities where classical music became popularized – and even was created – the music has different meanings than the “exported” meaning to U.S. residents.

Over in Europe, many people discuss various nuances of composers rather than the American/modernized version of discussing musicians as “artists” and how the domestic “music” (loosely defined) is more about marketing and presentation today rather than musical writing and playing ability.  What the European version offers is an appreciation of classical music not just on presentation but on the discrepancies between conductors, performers, and others of the same piece of music.  Much like U.S. residents may discuss the differences between a well-known “cover” of an original song, the European audience will have in-depth conversations about these pieces which have been played locally (to them) for dozens – if not hundreds – of years.

Music While Cleaning The House

My friend Dan runs a carpet and house cleaning business in the Indiana region.  One thing he likes to do is have music playing while he is cleaning a house because it makes the time go by quickly.  The music ranges from various artists and orchestras, so we talked about the types of music he plays.  If I were to play music day after day of cleaning houses then I would have lots of instrumental music as it can put me in a hypnotized “trance” where I get everything done efficiently and it would seem that the day would just fly by.

We talked about the ways music could be played such as using one’s iPod, smart phone, old MP3 player or any other manner.  Of course we discussed ways to prevent hearing loss and one way is to use a device with a speaker; but that only can be done during times when the homeowner is not there of course!

Your Economic Damage In The Event That Your Restaurant Equipment Stops Working

If run, manage or an employee of a restaurant you already know how important it can be to have your home equipment in working order.  Since your kitchen area usually does not have a lot of room, you should make sure that all of the following types of merchandise is working well:  commercial dishwashing machine, stove/range, prep table, fryer, sinks, slicers, convection ovens, griddles, walk-in freezers, ice machines and much more.  If even one of these is out of commission then you know how important it really is to quickly get it working properly again.  Your restaurant location’s HVAC systems are included here as well.

The problems arise if you look at both short term and lasting economic impact that faulty restaurant equipment can produce.  The simplest example is that the restaurant must shut down for a lot of hours.  This can often mean the loss of significant revenue, particularly when closed for more than a day.  You could lose many first-time customers and you will even risk losing your regular customers if you do not get back installed and operating quickly.

After that, in addition, you could have more significant financial impact.  With the normal person today being both fickle and knowing how to use the internet, you really could get a poor review days as soon as the unfortunate happenings whenever your restaurant closes due to non-functioning kitchen equipment or heating and cooling.  You may be monitoring negative reviews for some time, but it really is possible that someone leaves an assessment weeks later.  Be sure to continuously monitor negative reviews and also have a plan to take care of them.

As well, with a cafe or restaurant being temporarily closed due to faulty kitchen equipment then your location may become the visit of more frequent health inspections.  This, obviously, depends upon your town’s ordinances or other local governing bodies.  This is yet another reason why you want to have your restaurant equipment maintenance scheduled as accurately since you can.  You might be able to stave off a temporary shut down if you catch equipment problems early enough.

Hopefully you will find these tips to get of benefit.  If so, be sure to get in touch with your nearby reputable restaurant repair contractor.  If you may need a contractor in the Collin County Texas region then take a moment to start your search here for a 24 hour restaurant equipment repair service.

Hope you appreciate the music used in this video!